Delivery Policy

The delivery policies for an organic shampoo with a delivery time of 2-3 working days typically include

Order Processing Time

Once An Order Is Placed, It Will Be Processed Within A Specified Timeframe, Usually Within 24-48 Hours.

Shipping Time

After processing, the product will be shipped using a reliable courier service. The shipping time is typically 2-3 working days, meaning the customer can expect to receive the product within that timeframe.

Shipping Costs

Depending on the SWEDE's policies, shipping costs charged separately. Ordering Both 150ml & 250ml Together will cost delivery Absolutely free.

Tracking Information

Customers may receive tracking information via email or through their account on the company's website. This allows them to monitor the progress of their shipment and estimate the delivery date.

Delivery Exceptions

While efforts are made to deliver within the specified timeframe, certain circumstances such as natural disasters, holidays, or unforeseen delays in transit may affect delivery times. Customers should be informed about such exceptions in the delivery policy.

Returns and Refunds

SWEDE Offers Returns and refunds in case the customer is not satisfied with the product Packaging or if there are any issues with the delivery.